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Friday 21 August 2015
Grumpy As Fuck

JP's long awaited venture with WSM entitled 'Grumpy Old Man' is now available to preorder, just wander on over to the SHOP or to the BANDCAMP page and snag yourself a copy of this classic coming of age tale about a kid who realises that he's an adult with his own kids and that he still wants to be a kid but kids are weird these days...
Alongside the album we've recently dropped a new clip with JP featuring ECHS INCOGNITO, WOULDZ & TINEY TED for the track 'Grumpy Old Men', which takes aim at certain young whippersnappers bringing shame to the game... Check them shits.
And finally for this update, we have been a bit quiet on the gig front this year but we've got a few lined up for the next few months, starting with IRON TYS supporting Koots of Pang Productions who will be launching his album 'Sleeping in the Sink' at Revolver Upstairs on September 4th. Get on down to it!

Thursday 23 July 2015
Duck It.

If you wander on over to the youtubes, or just avert your eyes slightly lower, you can check out the new clip from DEL DINGOE, taken from the forthcoming album 'Del Dingoe Must Die' due to be released in early October. We had a whole lot of fun filming this clip, which also features JP as The Devil, Hosper the Horrorble as The Duck Hunter, and The Duck as Himself. So go have a gander and get ducked, ya goose.
And on another note, we've recently pressed a small run of WGK hoodies which are now available to the general public, though these didn't last long last time and probably won't be around for too long this time. So hop on over to the SHOP page to get yourself one of them hoodies while you can...

Wednesday 13 May 2015

The website has been quiet because echs has been a busy thespian and no-one else around here knows how to speak html.
However, we've been working hard on some new releases and also dropped a few clips in the past few months. Check 'em...

Recently released by TINEY TED was a free digital EP called 'Tiney Ted & Friends Minor Musical Adventure' which can be downloaded via the BANDCAMP page...

And dropping real soon on WSM is the new album from mister campfirebreath himself, JP, entitled 'Grumpy Old Man' featuring beats by Skitzo, Tiney Ted, & ECHS INCOGNITO, Cuts by DJ Bogues, and featuring on vocals Ted & echs, WOULDZ, S.I.T.H. (US) and more...
Keep an eye out for it...

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