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Tuesday 13 December 2016
End of Times

And so we near the end of another year. It has been a quiet one for us, but we do have several projects in the works near to completion so trust that 2017 will be louder.
It hasn't been completely silent though. We did sneakily shuffle a dope little EP from RICHO D called 'This Time Around' onto our BANDCAMP for free download. But wait, there's more! RICHO D actually dropped two releases recently, and you can cop the other one called the 'Twisted Loyalties LP' right here. So you should totally get on to those! They're free, so what are you waiting for?!
Also Mr. IRON TYS has got himself a brand new hip-hop/funk/reggae band who are calling themselves Southern Soulstice and they'll be dropping their EP 'The Golden Hour' real soon too. Go check out their facebook page to keep an eye on them fellas.
Besides that, we hope you have a fun and not too hazardous silly season. Take a wander with us again next year.
Peace. -X.

Monday 24 October 2016
By the numbers

Still here. Still kicking raps. Still making music. Who's got time to update a website these days, right?
But hey, if you hadn't noticed, we did some things recently. Firstly, we dropped a clip from DEL DINGOE Must Die for the track 'Saturn'. Check them things out below...
We also decided to upload TINEY TED's entire Fallen Leavez Mixtape from a few years back to the youtubes for your listening pleasure...
Also, the mysterious and enigmatic D. PENAMOE released a free download of his album for the unwashed masses. You should totally go cleanse and enlighten yourself by shooting over to BANDCAMP and downloading it. Your chakras will thank you...
Aaaaand TINEY TED also dropped a clip recently featuring a rather familiar looking D. PENAMOE taken from a compilation album that Ted's been quietly working on for some time now called 'The Uprising'. Keep watching the skies for more info about when that arises...

Wednesday 30 March 2016
All Quiet On The Western Front

Well okay, so it has been a little quiet around these parts lately. But that doesn't mean that things haven't been happening. We've been hard at work on some new releases for this year and organising a few shows here and there, so don't think we've faded into obscurity or anything like that.

Speaking of shows, we've got a big one coming up to launch 'Grumpy Old Man', the album by Mr. Campfirebreath a.k.a. JP which we released last year. Coincidentally enough, we'll be launching the album at Grumpy's in Fitzroy, just to keep with that whole Grumpy theme we've got going on.
The show will also feature a set from a crew you may not be familiar with but you'll be getting familiar with real soon, that being the Torch Bearers, a collaboration between TINEY TED, ECHS INCOGNITO & WOULDZ on the vocal tip and CHAPPS on production and the scratch. This will be the first proper set from the Torch Bearers in anticipation of the album we'll be releasing soon, so get on down to Grumpy's if you want to be there for the genesis.
We also kinda quietly released another album late last year from the diabolical DEL DINGOE entitled 'Del Dingoe Must Die', which is now available from zee BANDCAMP or from zee SHOP.
And also coming reeeeeal soon, we decided to take things back to the old school by releasing a few tapes which kinda seems to be all the rage lately. So be on the lookout for these releases from TINEY TED, JP and CHAPPS in cassette format available very soon...

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